Say Goodbye to Missed Opportunities with Expert Powersports BDC

Struggling to convert leads due to limited follow-up and inefficient communication? Stop missing out on sales! Our outsourced BDC services streamline operations, boosting lead appointment show-ups and maximizing your sales potential.

Scale your power sports business by outsourcing your business development services to us. Engage more leads, increase your sales, and accelerate toward success with Virtual BDC.

More Appointments = More Sales

Our dedicated BDC specialists become an extension of your team, nurturing leads, scheduling appointments, and qualifying prospects, so your sales team can focus on closing deals.​

Tailored BDC Strategies:

Virtual BDC understands the unique needs for every powersports dealership. Therefore, we offer tailored outsourced powersport BDC services. Our services are not only limited to industry expertise but we go one step ahead to train our representatives on your dealership tools & business practices.

Proactive Lead Management:

Virtual BDC prides itself with the fastest clock-stop in the powersports industry of just 5 minutes. Our agents know how to quickly & efficiently communicate with the leads for appointment scheduling.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Our customer engagement has 1 goal only, to bring more appointments to your showroom. Therefore, we use an omnichannel engagement to connect with your leads until they show up at your dealership. 

The Leading Powersports BDC Partner You Can Trust

The Power of Outsourcing To Virtual BDC:

  • Fastest Clockstop – Personalized lead response in under 5 minutes ensures we’re always in the mind of your customers. 
  • Reduced overhead costs – Cut operational costs by 40%
  • Improved lead conversion rates – Our tried & tested lead engagement methodologies ensure higher lead to appoint conversion rates. 
  • Increased sales efficiency – Our agents become an extension of your team ensuring seamless integration & flow of information.

Complete control, 100% transparency:

Our outsourced powersports BDC operates within your existing CRM. This ensures you have 100% visibility into all communication with your leads, allowing you to monitor agent performance and stay informed every step of the way.

Years of Industry Expertise: 

Established in 2020, Virtual BDC has served 20+ powersports dealerships with our expert business development center services. Our years of experience enables us to take the burden off your shoulders & support your sales team to focus on growing sales. 

Our Services

At Virtual BDC, we provide tailored solutions for every dealership. Our team of experts will manage your messages, emails, and leads on CRM and increase show room visits so your sales BDC team can put their focus on attending clients in the store.

Appointment Setting

Streamline your schedule with Virtual BDC's service of appointment setting for the dealership. Our trained BDC reps works on every online lead with a goal to connect with the prospect and schedule appointments that show at your car dealership.

Real-time Follow Up

Keep your dealership clients in real-time with Virtual BDC's Follow-Up service. Our BDC reps primary job is to manage online leads. As soon as lead arrives, we stop the clock with five minutes and our team will follow up on the lead till we connect with them and bring in to dealership.

Sales Development

We will help you improve sales process of your dealership by doing targeted outreach to customers. This can involve various communication mediums, such as calls, emails, and other ways of communication, to provide information, answer questions, and guide leads through the sales BDC process.

Live Chat Support

With our BDC service for dealerships, improve your customer service with Virtual BDC's dedicated Customer Support. Our skilled team handles communication channels efficiently and offers excellent support that not only resolves issues but also enhances your customer relationships and loyalty.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Hire our professional business development representatives to manage your leads and increase the conversion rate. Book a meeting with our expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual BDC specializes in crafting tailored solutions for the power sports industry, offering services such as lead management, sales development, and after-sales support. Our expertise ensures that your business engages customers, drives sales, and makes lasting relationships.
Our approach is driven by a passion for power sports. Virtual BDC understands the unique language spoken, ensuring that our services resonate with the thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies who make up the power sports community.
From appointment booking to real-time follow-ups, Virtual BDC’s services are designed to engage power sports enthusiasts effectively. We ensure that every interaction adds value to their experience, creating lasting connections with your brand.
Absolutely. Whether your focus is on motorcycles, ATVs, or other power sports niches, Virtual BDC tailors its services to meet the specific needs of your business. Our approach ensures that your brand’s identity is upheld within the diverse power sports landscape.
Virtual BDC’s comprehensive sales development strategies are designed to drive increased sales in the power sports industry. From lead generation to closing deals, our services aim to boost your revenue and help you thrive in this competitive sector.
Beyond lead management, Virtual BDC excels in after-sales support, customer engagement, and creating memorable brand experiences. Our services are designed to ensure that the excitement of power sports extends far beyond the initial transaction, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.