Struggling with no shows for your appointments?

Our Outsourced Automotive BDC Experts Drive Dealership Visits While You Focus on Growth.

Our outsourced business development experts excel in personalized follow-ups and that too in under 5 minutes. Utilizing a multichannel approach, we ensure every lead receives tailored communication. Furthermore as industry experts, we provide clear information about your dealership and customer queries. With us, customers get the attention and clarity they need to confidently visit your dealership.

Overwhelmed with Sales Tasks?

Outsourced Automotive BDC Takes the Burden Off Your Shoulders.

Drowning in administrative tasks like lead qualification and appointment setting? You're not alone. Many dealerships struggle to manage the burden of business development activities while focusing on in-showroom customers. Our outsourced BDC team seamlessly integrates with your existing process, freeing up your valuable time and energy to close deals and grow your car sales.

Industries We Serve

Virtual BDC recognizes that maximizing sales potential requires consistent and proactive customer engagement. Our dedicated team is committed to providing customized solutions that drive engagement and accelerate growth for dealerships.

BDC For Car Dealerships

Virtual BDC offers a comprehensive solution through our dedicated team of automotive BDC specialists, combining their industry experience working with leading brands with a commitment to instant follow-ups. This ensures no lead goes untouched, maximizing the potential of every customer interaction. Our specialists are adept at following-up with leads in the shortest time possible, converting online leads into qualified appointments.

Power Sports Industry

At Virtual BDC, we fuel your success with a dedicated team of powersports BDC experts. Our passionate professionals combine extensive industry knowledge gained from working with leading brands. Our business development reps work with a commitment to lightning-fast follow-ups. This ensures every lead receives prompt attention, maximizing the potential of each interaction.

Harley Davidson Industry

Recognizing the brand values of Harley-Davidson, where quality, style, and performance converge, Virtual BDC offers customized solutions to enhance your dealership's lead to showroom conversion. Our dedicated Harley-Davidson BDC team, leveraging industry expertise, ensures streamlined lead engagement and conversion & takes the burden off your shoulders by becoming a virtual extension of your staff.

RV Industry

Virtual BDC streamlines your sales pipeline through personalized lead follow ups, appointment setting, and customer relationship management. We help you convert leads into appointments, optimize operations, and elevate customer satisfaction. Visit our page to unlock your RV dealership's full potential.

Law Industry

BDC for law firms require special expertise. While following-up promptly is important, being confident in communication & understanding your customer & brand is paramount. That’s where Virtual BDC specializes in by outsourcing BDC services for law firms. Our BDC reps have expert knowledge of the legal industry & our custom training programs for each individual client further increase their efficiency.

Solar Industry

Engaging leads in a solar industry can be challenging especially when your sales team has to work on lead administration. If not followed-up promptly your hot leads can turn cold in no time. Virtual BDC addresses the critical need for lead conversion in the competitive solar industry. Our dedicated team of BDR’s expert & trained on your brand values can become a virtual extension of your team & solve all your headaches.

Our Automotive BDC Services

Virtual BDC is a top-rated BDC company in US because we deliver customized solutions designed specifically for each dealership's unique needs. Our team of professionals manage your incoming leads within your CRM, effectively boosting showroom visits. This enables your sales team to concentrate on providing exceptional service to clients visiting the store.

Appointment Setting

Our highly skilled BDC representatives meticulously handle your leads, aiming not just to connect, but to secure appointments that translate into showroom visits. Maximize your dealership's efficiency with our appointment setting service through Virtual BDC.

Real-time Follow Up

Hot leads can turn cold if not followed-up quickly & efficiently. That’s why Virtual BDC has created a successful framework of lead follow-up that makes sure no lead slips through the crack. We stop the clock within five minutes and our team will follow up on the lead till we connect with them and bring them into the dealership.

Sales Development

At Virtual BDC, we recognize the challenges that dealerships face in managing their sales processes. That's why we provide a comprehensive sales development service designed to enhance your dealership's sales performance. Our approach involves strategic outreach to engage potential customers interested in your dealership's offerings. Leveraging diverse communication channels, we provide information, address inquiries, and expertly guide leads through the sales journey.

Live Chat Support

Enhance customer loyalty and minimize response times with our specialized customer support solutions. Allow our BDRs to ensure client satisfaction and optimize your support processes.

Hiring Our Business Development Representative Can Help You Save up to 75% Cost

We understand the vital role a business development center plays in achieving unparalleled success. That’s why we provide comprehensive service to help you grow your dealership.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Virtual BDC’s virtual assistant services have not only streamlined our operations but have significantly improved our lead-to-sale conversion rates. The expertise and dedication of their team are evident in every interaction, Virtual BDC is our partner in success.

Their BDC services for dealerships have not only streamlined our operations but have significantly improved our lead-to-sale conversion rates. The expertise and dedication of their team are evident in every interaction, Virtual BDC is our partner in success.

General Manager
Used Car Dealership

We've tried several lead management solutions, but their BDC for Harley Davidson dealerships stands out. Their sales development services have been instrumental in our growth. Their commitment to excellence and results-driven approach makes them a valuable asset to our dealership.

Sales Manager
Harley Davidson Dealership

Virtual BDC has redefined how we approach lead management in the legal industry. Their expertise in appointment setting and real-time follow-ups has streamlined our client acquisition process. Their services have added significant value to our firm. We highly recommend their BDC service for dealerships.

Solar Dealership

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