Outsource BDC For Car Dealerships & Maximize Dealership Visits by 30%

  • Fastest Clockstop – Personalized lead response in under 5 minutes
  • Cut operational costs by 40%
  • 100% Transparent – Our BDC Reps work within your CRM
  • Multi-Channel approach to establish multiple touch points
  • Campaign Calls – Targeted Call Campaigns

Why Choose Outsourced BDC for your car dealership?

Seamless Customer Engagement With BDC For Car Dealerships, From Hello to Showroom:

Imagine a world where every lead is nurtured, prompt personalized lead response by an industry expert, and every interaction builds trust and excitement. Our outsourced BDC for car dealerships make this vision a reality.

Equipped with deep automotive industry knowledge, they converse naturally, understanding customer needs and addressing concerns with confidence. But our service doesn't stop at the first touch point.

We implement a meticulous follow-up process, ensuring no lead slips through the cracks. Whether it's a reminder call, a personalized email, or a targeted text message, we stay engaged, keeping your dealership at the forefront of their mind. Let us transform your customer engagement, turning initial interest into appointments and ultimately, into loyal customers.

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Staffing Solved, Sales Soared: Eliminate the Hiring Hustle with car dealership BDC

Running a dealership is tough, and finding the right staff can feel like an uphill battle. Let Virtual BDC take the weight off your shoulders with our expert BDC team for car dealerships. Say goodbye to recruitment, training, and management headaches. We provide a dedicated team of highly trained BDC representatives, ready to hit the ground running from day one. 

Our team boasts in-depth CRM expertise, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems for a smooth transition. No more wasted time and resources on onboarding and training – our representatives are CRM pros, ready to leverage the full potential of your platform to maximize lead conversion and boost sales. 

With Virtual BDC, you not only gain a skilled business development team, but you also unlock significant cost savings. Eliminate recruitment fees, training expenses, and employee overhead. Enjoy predictable costs and improved efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business

Virtual BDC - A Virtual Extension of your Sales Team:

We seamlessly integrate with your car dealership, becoming an invisible extension of your sales team. Remember that stack of old leads collecting dust? We breathe new life into them, running targeted campaigns to rekindle interest and convert old prospects into active buyers. With Virtual BDC, you get a dedicated team working tirelessly to expand your reach, generate qualified leads, and ultimately, drive more sales for your dealership.

Sales Development with automotive BDC

Our Car Dealership BDC Services

At Virtual BDC, we provide tailored solutions for every dealership. Our team of experts will manage your messages, emails, and leads on CRM and increase show room visits so your sales BDC team can put their focus on attending clients in the store.

Appointment Setting

Streamline your schedule with Virtual BDC's service of appointment setting for the dealership. Our trained BDC reps works on every online lead with a goal to connect with the prospect and schedule appointments that show at your car dealership.

Real-time Follow Up

Keep your dealership clients in real-time with Virtual BDC's Follow-Up service. Our BDC reps primary job is to manage online leads. As soon as lead arrives, we stop the clock with five minutes and our team will follow up on the lead till we connect with them and bring in to dealership.

Sales Development

We will help you improve sales process of your dealership by doing targeted outreach to customers. This can involve various communication mediums, such as calls, emails, and other ways of communication, to provide information, answer questions, and guide leads through the sales BDC process.

Live Chat Support

With our BDC service for dealerships, improve your customer service with Virtual BDC's dedicated Customer Support. Our skilled team handles communication channels efficiently and offers excellent support that not only resolves issues but also enhances your customer relationships and loyalty.

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Virtual BDC’s Business Development Approach For Your Dealership

Sales BDC

Unlike traditional BDCs, Sales BDC goes beyond following up on the digital leads. We become an extension of your sales team, engaging prospects with industry expertise, building trust, and qualifying leads to ensure they're showroom-ready.

Centralized BDC

At Virtual BDC, we believe a structured approach breeds exceptional results. That's why we utilize a centralized BDC model, where a dedicated team of experts operates under a unified command center

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Hire our professional business development representatives to manage your leads and increase the conversion rate. Book a meeting with our expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your dealership size, budget, staffing needs & lead conversion ratio. Our team can help you assess your specific situation and determine if outsourcing offers the right solution

Absolutely! Our team is experts in automotive industry & know all ins & outs. Furthermore, we dedicate time for each account to train our BDC reps. We use custom trainings to immerse ourselves in your brand identity and target audience, ensuring seamless and consistent communication on your behalf.

We work with a wide range of popular CRM platforms and have expert teams skilled in navigating each system. We ensure a smooth integration for efficient lead management and reporting.

Don’t let them gather dust! Our experts can revitalize your existing databases through targeted campaigns, maximizing their potential for generating new sales.

We have the fastest clock stop in entire industry as our BDR’s respond with personalized follow-ups in under 5 minutes. Plus, our services ensure you can cut operations costs as much as 40%. All our communication with your leads is 100% transparent & within your CRM.

We prioritize the security of your data. Virtual BDC employs robust measures, including encryption and secure protocols, to safeguard all client information. Our commitment to data security is unwavering, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your business data.